Use of welding technique to obtain prefabricated frameworks

The use of dental implants in the rehabilitation of edentulous patients is a consolidated treatment modality with high success rates. However, a large proportion of people in the world lack access to this treatment, due to high costs. Research in optimization, simplification of the original Branemark protocol, such as the use of new technologies, alternative […]

Welding Techniques in Dentistry

Clebio Domingues da Silveira-JOnior, Morgana Guilherme de Castro, Leticia Resende Davi, Flavio Domingues das Neves, Verediana Resende Novais and Paulo Cezar Simamoto-JOnior Additional information is available at the end of the chapter http://dx. doi. org/10.5772/54256 1. Introduction Welding involves a metallurgical union process that relies on base metal fusion, i. e. the constituent metal of […]

Hydraulic jump

Studying hydraulic jump usually assumes liquid pressure to be hydrostatic pressure. Hydraulic jump occurs if the pressure gradient becomes increasingly adverse as the flow proceeds downstream. As sketched in figure 16(a), an increased liquid height (^ > h0 ) increases hydrostatic force (= pressure x height) against the downward flow, and decreases downward velocity to […]